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Bags crafted with great care out of top grade leather in our factory in Germany or by our partners. Family tradition in leather since 1843
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We offer a guarantee of 2 years for our leatherbags.

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Leather Bags


CORF stands for top class leather bags. The tanning and manufacturing of leather is a tradition in our family which started in 1842. We don't use artificial leather. With our great experience we can always choose the right leather for the different kinds of bags, e.g. a Business purse or a credit card case.

Production of leather is a tradition in our family since 1842.
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Business Bags,
Brief Cases,
Handbags and
Leather Backpacks

In the CORF -collection you will find modern business cases made out of leather as well as laptop bags, business backpacks and handbags all made out of top grade leather. There are also special cases as messenger bags or tablet bags. Our collection is focused on business cases in the dimensions and with the inside compartments you need for your daily business. In the category briefcases we offer conference bags, attache cases and gents’ bags.

All CORF bags are made of top grade leather. We don't use artificial leather.
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Leather Bags with
perfect interiors
and functionality

Perfect function is a must for the design of our business cases. This is as important for the concept of the interior as well as handles, locks or shoulder belts. The classic design of our bags makes it possible to use our business cases and shoulder bags for many years.

Handcrafted under our control

We produce our leather bags in our own factory in Germany or under our strict control in factories of our partners. Most of the locks are handcrafted in Italy. That is why we can guaranty for the high quality and a long time of use for all of our products.

Details are proof of function and stylish design,
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The business collection by Corf

Business bags are the focus of the Corf collection. You will find traditional briefcases, laptop bags in different sizes, leather backpacks and travel bags all made of top grade leather.


Business cases are designed for the use in your daily activities. If you look for a functional interior of your briefcase or laptop bag which allows a quick access to your notebook, files, phone, cards etc., Corf business bags are the right choice.

The leather business bags of the Corf collection can be used as kind of a mobile office. As a woman or a man you find a wide range of styles so that you can choose the right size or interior you need for your work - a slim tabletbag, a laptop shoulder bag or a backpack. As a lady you can choose between fashionable colours so that your bag does not look like the black and brown cases of your male colleagues.

In the category
Business Bags
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Corf is specialised on business bags made of top grade leather
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Briefcases are the traditional bags used in daily business. In the Corf-collection you will find a wide range of document and attache cases in different sizes and materials. Due to the top grade leather and the unique look of locks made out of pure brass you will always be sure to impress your partners when using a Corf leather briefcase.

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leather briefcases
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Leather Backpacks

Leather backpacks are no longer for excursions only. Today sport and outdoor activities have a strong influence on our lifestyle. Backpacks can be carried comfortably with the two shoulderstraps, and they are perfect if you want to use your bike. The interior of our backpacks is designed for your needs in daily business.

Leather backpacks are recognised today as expression of a sporty and efficiency oriented attitude.

The leather backpack as business bag.
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Travelbags of the Corf collection are allround bags for many occasions. They have enough space for every thing you need for a weekend trip or whatever does not fit into your suitcase.

You can take your travelbag on bord of a plane, and after your return it does not need much space in your wardrobe.

Leather travel bags of the Corf collection can be your companion for many years.

With our leather travelbags you will always make a good impression.
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Leather Handbags

The design of our handbags follows the principles of timeless elegance and functionality. The concept of the interior should help you to keep your phone, purse, cards etc. handy. The different styles and colours of our handbags should add a stylish accent to your clothes. In the Corf collection you will find bags for your day-to-day activities as well as a dinner invitation.

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Handbags made of leather


Billfolds and purses require special skill in production. You will love the soft feeling of our leather when touching your wallet or cardholder. In the wide range of the Corf collection there are many different styles with pockets for bills, cards or coins. As a lady you will like our purses with zipper which are available in many colours. The quality of our leather and the sophisticated production guarantees that you may use our purses for a long time.

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Leather Accessoires
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