About Corf Bags

With the brand Corf Bags H.F.Offermann continues the age-long tradition in the production of leather, leather bags and accessories, which also today obeys strict rules for quality.

Top quality leather bags at factory price

With a careful production and direct marketing Corf Bags try to offer top quality at a very convenient price. Our highest priority is to achieve an all-over customer satisfaction.

Our excellent quality is based on top grade genuine leather and sophisticated workmanship. Further advantages offered by Corf Bags of H.F. Offermann:

The classical elegant design is a proof of your good taste and guarantees your first impression.
The functional concept of our business bags facilitates your work.
Our price-performance ratio is extraordinary.

You can always check out Trusted Shops for any ratings on Corf Bags. We are pleased that many customers confirm our excellent quality and the extraordinary price-performance ratio.

In our leather bags guide we explain why we can offer our leather bags at outlet prices. Please also see our very special guarantee service.

Leather in family tradition since 1842

Today we deal with the digitalization of our world. In this respect Corf Bags is modern face of a century old love of leather and the passion for producing extraordinary leather goods. The foundation of our tannery in 1842 has been the basis of our 180 years of experience in the production of leather and leather goods. We know how leather is tanned and how to make best use of its advantages to produce handbags, shoulder bags, backpacks or high-quality card cases as well as practical belt bags.

Already in 1923 Mathias Offermann started with the production of leather bags and luggage. Since that time, we have continuously adapted the production to the always changing demands. We look back at constant adjustments and improvements, so that today we can deliver our business cases. business backpacks, handbags, and weekender free of charges to your home.

Family & Co

Corf Bags is a family company which knows how to adjust to changes in consumer behavior and production. So, the Website www.corf-bags.com is the new face of a 180-year-old tradition.

As a team we pursue our target to use new techniques for the development of products in an outstanding quality.

Experienced craftsmen are the basis for the development and production of our leather bags.

A classic timeless design is the guideline for the creation of new styles.

Specialists are in charge of the technique and the marketing of our digital appearance.

A team led by H.F.Offermann is in charge of the content of the website to make sure that you always get a perfect digital service when choosing a leather bag.

You may visit us also on

Sustainable production of leather bags

We observe environment friendly aspects in all steps of the production of our leather bags.

We care for an environment friendly production
We care for an environment friendly production

The production process and the working conditions in the factories of our foreign partners are controlled according to international norms. This is also a reason why we are constantly in contact with our suppliers.

Our top grade leather is the basis for the sustainability of our products. Our repair service ensures that you may use our leather bags for many years.

In our guide we comment the importance of the sustainability of leather bags.

We are always happy to answer your questions or comments. The best way to reach the Corf Bags team is to use the contact form.