Leather Key Cases

Key cases made of leather matching a top grade bag are available in various types depending on the size of the keys, their quantity and the way they should be arranged. Also the type of key is important. Keys for doors, trunks or drawers normally consist of a head and a key bit. The head allows to hold and move the key, whereas the structure of the bit opens or closes the mechanisme of the lock.

According to the shape of the head the key can be attached at a ring, a hook or a leather string.

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4 Items

Key bells

The bell-shaped key case is one of the oldest styles of key cases. They allow to attach keys of different sizes to a string and to draw them into a leather cover. These cases often have two or three rings to keep the keys separately.

Key bells allow to keep different sizes and styles of keys.

Key cases with hooks

There are also key cases with a bar and 4 or more small key hooks. The case consists of 3 sections. In the center section there is a bar with the hooks and the left and right sections are folded to close or open the case. Normally they will be fixed with a press button when closed.

In such cases you can easily find a key , but they can be used only for slim keys and not for thicker versions as car keys.

Zip bags as key cases

Car keys nowadays consist of a body containing a transmitter which allows to open the car from a distance, a battery and also a key to use in case the transmitter should not work.

The adequate case for such keys are small pouches with zipp. Inside they normally have one or two small chains with rings, so that besides the car key more keys can be attached.

Zip bags are available in various sizes according to the number and the size oft he keys.

Key cases with pockets for coins and cards

Most key cases have an inside or outside pocket for a parking coin. Also a pocket for a card is very helpful, because many doors today are opened by a card contact.