Ladies purses

There is quite a difference between a women’s and a men’s wallet. Even if the content is more or less the same wallets of ladies have a different look. As a lady you will not use a leather purse which looks like the standard type men use.

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  4. Are you looking for a handbag?
    Are you looking for a handbag?
    The small handbag for your purse, cards and documents
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  8. Do you want to combine your purse and your phone?
    Do you want to combine your purse and your phone?
    This small bag is the ideal solution.
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8 Items

  • You will not use your purse only for money,
  • Your ladies purse must have compartments for bank notes, cards and tickets,
  • You carry your wallet in your handbag and not in a pocket of your dress,
  • Your wallet should be a fashionable accent to your outfit.

What do you use your wallet for?

As a lady you will use your purse not only for bills and coins, but also tickets, receipts etc.

Coins, bills and cards

Most important items for which you need a wallet are coins, bills and cards. This purpose is the same as the one of a men's purse.

Your wallet should have compartments in which you can sort bills with different values or currencies.

Small inside pockets must help to organise your cards and allow quick access.

The coin pocket should open wide enough so that you find your change quickly.

Bigger wallets for receipts and tickets

Your wallet must have a compartment for your documents and the registration certificate of your car.

Decisive for the size will be the many receipts and tickets you can’t avoid if you go shopping or if you have to purchase the items for your daily needs in the super market. These bills and receipts normally will not fit into a standard wallet as they are used by men.

A bigger wallet avoids the folding of receipts and tickets and allows a better organisation of bank notes and cards.

Card pockets with RFID protection

Make sure that your ladies purse has a RFID-protection (Radio Frequency Identification). This protection consists of a foil in the back of your portemonnaie which prevents that the content of your cards can be read out.

Where to carry your smartphone

You should avoid to put your mobile in your purse even if it is mall and fits easily within. The radiation of the phone might hamper the function of your cards. On the other side the RFID protection might disturb your phone. For your mobile there must be a second pocket so that your phone and cards can be kept separately.

For this purpose you might look for a phone bag which has a separate compartment for money and cards. In the Corf – bags collection you will find phone bags with a separate zip compartment on the outside which features the interior of a purse.

A handbag has enough room for a big wallet

As a woman you will not carry your wallet in a pocket of your jacket or your trousers but in your handbag. Therefore the dimensions of your wallet are not limited by the size of the pockets of your dress.

This is a main reason why bigger sizes are standard for lady billfolds.

For a cocktail or a dinner invitation you may still choose a slim card case which fits into your evening bag.

Very convenient or also small purses just for your change.

Frames, loops or frames for safety

Ladies attach more importance to safety because their wallets are bigger. Therefore they also prefer wallets which can be closed.

The necessity of daily shopping means that women use their wallets more often than men. A zip or lock therefore must be easy to open and close.

A standard model was a purse with a metal frame which could be fixed with two snaps. Today this design is used for small coin pockets only.

Modern lady's wallets consist of two or three parts for bills, tickets and cards which can be folded as a wallet, but they are fixed with a flap and a push button or they have a zipper.

Women attach more importance to safety because they may also use their portemonnaie for a piece of jewelry which they don't want to carry throughout the day.

Also for keys small zip cases are very convenient.

The influence of fashion

Today also fashion trends have an influence on the look of a ladies wallet. The choice of the material, color and print are decisive for the difference between men's and ladies purses.

Besides large sizes with zipper small card pockets may be used. Typical for ladies wallets are small zip purses for coins in a round shape.

Ladies wallets made from leather

Also for ladies wallets leather is the preferred material. As for handbags leather is available in many variations with regard to the tanning, finish, print or color.

Leather with an anilin finish or suede have a very nice touch so that you will like the feeling when you carry the wallet in your hand. Pigmented leather with a print will be more durable.

Very exclusive are wallet made from the leather of ostrich or alligator. Due to their high price today the look of these leathers is often copied with a print which is very difficult to distinguish from the original.

Combination of material and colours

Wallets are presented in many occasions – when you go shopping, pay in a restaurant, buy a ticket etc. Women therefore use their purse more often than men, and that is why a lady will pay more attention to the look of a purse than a man.

The influence of fashion is the reason why ladies wallets are sold in many more variations and also why women will renew their purse more often.

The look of leather can be changed in many ways – with more or less gloss, different prints, colors and color combinations.

Wallets are also produced in the fabric used for bags to achieve a matching look. The fabric may be combined with leather.

Other decorative features are logo prints, metal emblems or small locks.

While black is the main colour used for men's wallets there is not such a clear preference when ladies purses are concerned. Many women buy wallets in blue or red, but besides that according to the season they will also look for beige, pink, light blue etc.

The preference for zip wallets shows that for women function is also important.

Even if you want to buy a purse with a low price you will not compromise on function and a good look.

But due to the big variety of materials and colors you can choose a wallet which is not only practical but also corresponds to your personal style!