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DThe production of the leather of the Corf collection is done in three steps:
  • the preparation of the hides
  • the tanning and
  • the finishing process.
The origin of the hides is very important for the quality of the leather. The best hides come from animals living in zones with a moderate clima and where food and water are always available as for instance in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.
First both sides of the hide have to be cleaned. The hair is removed from the surface and subcutaneous materials from the lower side of the hides. Many old pictures describe how this was done by hand with knives which we still show in our logo as a symbol of our brand. What used to be a very hard work today is done by machines.
During the tanning process natural fats, oils and other putrifying substances are removed from the hide. Then the hides are treated in rotating drums filled with a float containing liquor of vegetable, mineral or chemical tanning agents. These penetrate into the hide and convert the skin into leather. To avoid environmental pollution the use of chemical or mineral tanning agents is avoided as much as possible, and the disposal of all floats and materials is controlled.
For bags produced in our Hunting or Roma leather almost 100 % vegetable tanning is used. Anilin colours penetrate more or less deep into the skin and leave a slightly uneven pattern of shades.
The result is a lively and individual look of every bag, see for instance our travel bag Ancona.
Corf portfolios, wallets or billfolds are used every day, and you enjoy the pleasant feeling if you touch the leather. Therefore you will look for a very soft leather with a transparent finish. The use of anilin colours allows to see the natural structure of the skin so that every wallet is a piece of its own.
Corf leathers may have the natural smooth surface or a light print. By embossing the structure of the surface can be changed to a more sporty - for instance our Tosca bags - or the more elegant look of our Titan bags.