Top leather bags of Corf Bags

Typical features when choosing a leather bag

Following features are important for the selection of a leather bag:

  • Colour and Surface: The choice of a leather bag expresses your good taste. In most cases customers choose black, brown or beige leather. But there are leather bags in many colours and with different kinds of surface. The look finally depends on the type of leather.
  • Purpose: if you look for a work bag you have to consider whether you will carry a laptop, notebook or a tablet and how much space you need in addition for your files.
  • Size: The size of a business bag depends on the dimensions of your laptop and the amount of addtional documents you want to carry along. As a lady you will consider whether there is enough space for your wallet and a tablet.
  • Inside compartments: Today the inside compartments are a decisive factor for all kinds of bags. For a business bag you might look for another compartment to store a second shirt or a necessaire you need on a short trip. In a shopper there should be a zip pocket for your wallet.
  • Carrying comfort: Comfortable carrying has become a very important feature. Back packs can be carried very easily . Therfore they are very popular today with ladies and men in all areas.
  • Event: As a woman or a man you will choose a more elegant bag for a conference as for your daily way to your office. Also you will not carry your laptop case when visiting an evening event.

You will find more helpful suggestions in our leather bags guide.