Attache cases are small cases made of leather, artificial leather, Aluminium or synthetic materials. The attache case is used to store and carry files. Today attache cases are used for notebooks and tablets as well as files and documents.

The attache cases of the Corf collection are produced in our own factory in Germany. The material and the workmanship are an example of the high quality of our products.

Following we describe different styles of attache cases and the advantages of a leather attache case.

Attache cases have a solid body

An attache case has two parts: the lower one which is also called case and the upper one which is called lid. At their backside both parts are connected with hinges which allow to open and close the attache case.

Attache cases made of a soft material as leather or artificial leather need a frame. Such a frame can be made out of wood, steel or aluminum. Frames of wood can break easily. That’s why for the attache cases of the Corf collection today aluminum profiles are used as frames. The aluminum is extruded in a way that the thickness and the contour of the profile is distributed to reach an optimum between strength and weight. Important factors for the stability are beadings, the corners and the neck of the lower part.

Aluminum frame of a Corf attache case
Aluminum frame of a Corf attache case

Another advantage of the use of an aluminum frame is that hinges and locks can be fixed in a way that they cannot come off.

For attache cases made of leather the width of the frame may be smaller than the width of the case and the side parts may have a fold.

Corf attache case with folds
Corf attache case with folds

There are also attache cases made of molded plastic or aluminum. The volume of such attache cases is limited, whereas the volume of attache cases with folds can be increased or decreased.

Attache cases protect against shocks

A decisive advantage of an attache case is the shock protection. This protection is best when the attache case consists of molded plastic or metal. Such cases also offer an efficient protection against rain and humidity, and special cases are made for the use in tropical areas.

Attache cases have a clear structure

Attache cases have a lining made of fabric, leather or artificial leather.

In the lid you find compartments for documents and small pockets for a mobile, cards, pens etc. The lower part – the case – has enough space for a 15 inch notebook and files.

Briefcase with leather lining
Briefcase with leather lining

In the Corf collection there is a special type of attache case with vertical file holder compartments which allows to organize your files as in the desk of your office. One compartment has enough space for a 15 inch laptop and a special shock absorbing protection.

Briefcase with vertical compartments
Briefcase with vertical compartments

The advantage of this case is that it can stand upright next to your working place. When opened it needs no space on your desk, and all content is easy to access. This attache case is a favorite if you must move frequently from one working place to another.

Attache cases made of molded plastic or aluminum are often used for a special purpose as e.g. a camera equipment or technical instruments. These cases may have foam cushions specially adjusted to the shape of the equipment offering a perfect shock protection.

The locks of an attache case offer safety

Important features of an attache case are the locks. Locks offer a better protection than the zippers of a shoulder bag.

Locks of the Corf collection have a mechanism with number wheels. The locks will open only if a certain number is dialed. Therefore, no key is needed which can easily get lost.

Besides the standard dial locks in the Corf collection you can find an attache case with a very special feature. This lock can be opened only by turning a button as if you would open a safe.

These locks are made out of pure brass and exclusively produced for Corf bags in Italy. The locks have a Palladium finish which guarantees a very high abrasion protection.

Briefcase with safe lock
Briefcase with safe lock

Attache cases with handle and shoulder strap

Usually attache cases are carried with one handle. Cases with upright standing compartments as described before may also have two handles. Two handles allow to increase the width of the attache case. The handles must be placed in a way that the case can be carried comfortably with one hand.

Many attache cases also feature shoulder straps. They are attached at each side with doghooks so that the strap can be taken off if not required.

Attache cases with wheels

Attache cases are also produced with wheels and a telescopic handle, so that they can be rolled like a trolley. These styles are very convenient if you have to carry heavy files. But wheels and handle system also increase the weight which is inconvenient once you cannot roll the case but have to carry it.

Today they are sold less because people store more data on their laptops and prefer to use a business bag which they can carry with a shoulder strap.

Black is the most popular colour of attache cases

The use of an attache case means that you want to make an elegant impression. Therefore, most attache cases are bought in black.

If you look for function a soft shoulder bag made of leather might be the better choice to carry your notebooks and some files to the office.

But if you want to impress your partner on your next meeting or a conference you should choose a leather attache case with number locks.

A leather attache case of the Corf collection can be your business bag for many years.