The leather backpack is a modern business bag, which has become popular recently. The backpack guarantees mobility and is a symbol of a sporty lifestyle.

Business backpacks from leather can be carried with great comfort

Women and men love the comfort when they carry a backpack. If you work from home, you know how heavy it is, so carry your business back with a laptop and documents by hand or even with a shoulder strap. You will feel even more comfortable if you carry the backpack on your back and the weight is spread on both shoulders. Your hands are free if you want to do some shopping in a supermarket on your way home. When you go by bike a backpack is ideal because it can be fastened safely with the two adjustable shoulder straps and offers more comfort than any other bag. For a short stroll you can carry your backpack on one shoulder or by the short handle. Also, on a longer trip the backpack can be carried comfortable because it has padded shoulder straps and a breathable mesh padding on the backside.

Leather backpacks for business and leisure

Until recently the use of a leather backpack was connected to excursions and hiking. For some years now the convenience and the practical advantages of a backpack have been discovered not only for leisure, but also for daily business activities.

A leather back is an allrounder which can be used for many purposes. To be used as business backpack there must be an intelligent interior. So, the backpacks of the Corf collection have one or more compartments for a notebook and files. In the main compartment or front pocket, you will find small pockets for your mobile, cards, pens and other accessories. On the backside there is a zip pocket in which you can safely store your keys or purse so that they are protected if you carry your backpack on your shoulders. A big improvement is the fact that the main compartment and other pockets are closed with zippers and not belts or buckles as in former times.

Business leather backpack Aero
Business leather backpack Aero

The functional design of the leather backpacks of the Corf collection follows the actual trends. The use for leisure, sports or business or as travel bags correspond to a relaxed lifestyle.

Business backpacks have a compartment for your laptop

Before you buy a business backpack you should compare the size of your laptop with the measures of the backpack. All backpacks for men of the Corf collection have a compartment for laptops between 14" and 15.6".

Laptop / Tablet (cm)Laptop / Tablet (inch)
25,40 cm10 inch
27,94 cm11 inch
30,48 cm12 inch
33,02 cm13 inch
35,56 cm14 inch
38,10 cm15 inch
40,64 cm16 inch
43,18 cm17 inch
45,72 cm18 inch
48,26 cm19 inch
50,80 cm20 inch

Actual laptop sizes

If you use a tablet or a 13"-laptop, you may also choose the small style "Via".

Leather business backpacks are practical companions for women and men

When we develop a leather backpack for men, we pay great attention to the functional performance. As a man you look for bags with a lot of space, whereas women often choose smaller styles which should not only be practical but also fashionable and chic. Men prefer functionality and often choose bigger backpacks as replacement for their traditional briefcase. The backpack should have compartments for a laptop, files, a water bottle etc. Women look for smaller styles for a tablet, some documents and personal things. Men prefer backpacks in black, brown and recently also cognac. Whether you wear a suit or jeans – our leather backpacks match any outfit.

Leather backpack Strada
Leather backpack Strada

For women today the small backpack substitutes the traditional handbag. Ladies want to use their backpack for their business essentials as well as for a stroll in the city. Same as with their handbag women look for a unique bag which does not look like the bags of their colleagues. They also love to choose colours corresponding to the fashion trends. As a lady you will find a big choice of colours in the Corf collection, from light beige to classical colours as red and blue. So, you can always find a bag which matches your dress. The small lady backpack "Stresa" and "Porta" are not only chic but also a match for many occasions.

City backpack Porta
City backpack "Porta"

After business you can use your backpack for an excursion or a visit to your gym. You will be surprised about the space offered by your backpacks if you choose the bigger styles Aero or Montana. These backpacks have not only room for your laptop and files but also your sneakers if you like to jog to your office and want to change your shoes there. As a lady you might want to do some shopping on your way home and you will be happy if there is space left in your backpack. In any case you have your hands free for another shopping bag.

One more advantage: a leather backpack will always be accepted an onboard baggage if you use a plane, which means that you save a lot of time when checking in or out. And if you use a trolley you can attach your backpack to the top carry handle.

Leather backpacks in black, brown and many other colours

Leather offers strength and a good look in a unique way. In the Corf collection you don’t find backpacks made from nylon or artificial leather. We use of leather for our backpacks.

For the production we use leather with a strength between 1.2 and 1.6 mm with a great durability and a light weight. For the styles "Strada" and "Aero" we use a slightly embossed leather which is very durable. You may also choose other styles in a vegetable tanned smooth leather. This leather has an anilin finish which allows to eliminate small scratches by slightly rubbing the surface. In the course of time this leather will develop a patina and a vintage look which is very popular.

When choosing the fittings, we do not only look for perfect function but also a strong abraison protection. We don‘t use artificial leather or water buffalo because they do not correspond to our quality concept.

Leather backpack Via
Leather backpack "Via"
For ladies' backpacks in red, blue, cognac, bordeaux and black are available which also look good if carried on a stroll. Stains can be cleaned with a moistered cloth. If you treat your bag from time to time with some leather care, it will keep its good look for many years.

A leather business backpack guarantees a good impression

The choice of a leather backpack distinguishes yourself. Latest since other opinion leaders – sportsmen, politicians etc. – have discovered the advantages of a backpack it has been accepted as an option which is frequently used in business life.

The top quality of our leather is visible at a first glance. This quality guarantees that you will always make a good impression. That is why we use leather and no articial leather for our backpacks.

Leather backpacks on sale by Corf Bags

In our webshop or our shops in Düsseldorf or Bergisch Gladbach you will always find attractive offers at special prices which demonstrate the advantages of the Corf collection. The quality of our leather backpacks is comparable to the standard of luxury brands, but our prices are much lower because we only sell through our own shops in Düsseldorf and Bergisch Gladbach and our webshop. Thus, we do not have to consider the margin third parties in retail or department stores need to cover their rent or labour costs.

But we also want to offer an excellent service. So, every order received till 12 o’clock will be delivered within the next two working days. Should you need any repair our service will always be glad to help.