Wallet is a term used for many different kinds of small pockets which are used daily by women or men for coins, bills and credit cards. Wallets are also called purses, billfolds or card cases.

Following we describe the features of a modern wallet. You should not only consider the inside pockets, but also the size which must fit into the pocket of your trouser or your jacket in which you want to carry your wallet.

The design of wallets is influenced by the development of the way payments are made.

Originally only pouches for coins were used. Only after the introduction of paper money wallets for both bills and coins became popular.

Due to the development of cashless payments today many payments are made by credit cards instead of bills and coins. Therefore today wallets have not only compartments for bills and coins but also many pockets for credit cards. The latest type of a wallet are card cases with many pockets for cards and one or two compartments for bills, but no coin pocket.


Normally wallets have at least one compartment for bills. Some styles as our wallets Sven or Lutz have two or three compartments for bills. This is very convenient to keep different currencies separately.


For the slim mini wallets John or Mark the bills have to be folded to fit into the compartments.

Pockets for coins

Most of our wallets have a coin pocket with a flap and a press button. Inside there are also slots for a chip or a spare key.

Card cases generally don’t have a coin pocket.

Card pockets

Today the number of pockets for cards is a very important feature for the customer. Cards are not only issued by banks for payments but also as documents for your license, club membership or insurance. Some wallets therefore have an additional flap for more cards. Card cases of the Corf Collection offer up to 24 card pockets.

Card Cases
Card Cases

Compartments for documents and tickets

In our breast pocket styles you will find compartments for documents, tickets and bills. Some styles as the wallets Lutz or Karl also have windows so that you can see a photo or document without having to take it out.

Many of our wallets have a secret pocket. You can hide a bill or a document under the lining so that it cannot be seen when you open your wallet.

Zip around wallets

Most of our wallets consist of purses without any lock. Ladies however prefer bigger styles with compartments for bills, cards and coins, but also more space for bills and receipts. Therefore most of the purses bought by ladies can be closed with a zip.

Zip around wallet
Zip around wallet

Where do carry your wallet?

Men usually carry their wallet in a pocket of their trousers or their jacket. Therefore men have to check whether the size of the purse will fit. Also it should be not too thick. That’s why men also choose a separate card case in addition to their wallet which they can put into the breast pocket of their shirt.

Shirt pocket with card case
Shirt pocket with card case

Also the wallet should fit into a pocket of the business case or laptop bag so that it can be kept handy.

Ladies carry their wallet in their handbag. That‘s why the standard styles of women‘s purses are bigger than men’s. Our zip around wallet Chloe is a favorite for ladies.

If a lady uses only a small clutch for a party or an evening event they also prefer a small credit card case which needs less space in their bag.

Material and colours

The wallets of the Corf collection are made out of top grade leather with a smooth touch. Inside they have a textile lining which can be easily cleaned.

Men normally choose their wallet in black or brown. Ladies however love colours as red, blue, beige etc which also should match and enhance the look of their dress. In the Corf collection you will find purses for ladies in the same variety of colours as the bags.

Purses and bags are often used daily. If treated from time to time with a high quality leather care the good look of the leather and colour will last for many years.

zip around lady purse in different colours
zip around lady purse in different colours

Discretion and RFID-protection

Your personal data should be protected when you pay. Therefore many of our wallets have a secret compartment for bills which nobody can see when you open your purse. Some wallets also have slots hidden in the lining to protect your cards.

Modern creditcards can be abused during the payment procedure, because your data and code might be read by a third party using a reading device. That’s why most of our wallets have a RFID-protection. RFID stand for "radio frequency identification". The protection consists of a foil at the backside of the wallets. Pls. see also the specification of each wallet.

Warranty and service

All our wallets are produced with great care and using top grade leather. Therefore you can use them for many years. Even if you have any problem after the official warranty of two years our service will be happy to help.

In the big selection of wallets and card cases you will certainly also find your favourite model!