A weekender (or weekender bag) is the perfect bag for a spontanous travel decision. Weekender made of leather are durable and stylish travel bags with plenty of space for all things you need for a short trip.

Leather weekender are

  • The perfect short travelbag for ladies and men
  • Elegant travel bags in black, brown and blue
  • Allrounder: a business bag and a sportsbag
  • Functional and comfortable hand baggage

The difference between a handbag and a travel bag is the big storage space. The growing importance of weekenders shows the trend towards an unconventional, sporty travel style.

Big storage space of a travel bag
Big storage space of a travel bag

By the way: In English weekender are also called “duffle bags”. The origin for this name is a small place in Belgium where more than 100 years ago such bags were produced out of a heavy canvas. At that time these bags were still closed with belts and buckles because zippers were not yet available.

The perfect short trip companion for women and men

Weekender are unisex and are equally popular with women and men, because they are easy to pack and perfectly complete a luggage set on short trips or business journeys.

The shape of a weekender is ideal for your clothes, because trousers and shirts can be laid flat so that they cannot be creased. You also find enough space for shoes, your toilet bag and a jacket, but also a book or your camera – everything you need as a woman or man for a short trip at the weekend. The big opening of the leather travel bags makes packing easy.

Inside you find two pockets for documents or other things you want to keep separately, and on the outside more pockets for your ticket or a phone. Instead of press buttons zippers are used which can be opened or closed easily.

Stylish travelbags mostly in black, brown & blue

Black and brown are the preferred colours for a leather weekender of the Corf collection. Ladies also choose blue because a travelbag looks very elegant in this colour.

Bags in brown or a combination of Canvas with brown leather are favourites of our customers, because the vegetable tanned brown enhances the sporty look of the bags.

Bestselling travelbags of the Corf collection
Bestselling travelbags of the Corf collection

Weekender and travelbags of the Corf collection are made out of topgrade leather in black and brown or a combination of canvas with brown leather. We don’t use artificial leather.

Allround bags: business and sportsbag

Your leather bags are allround bags. They can be used for your holidays as well as a short business trip. For a business-trip you find enough space for your clothes and a toilet bag, but also a writing pad, your notebook and more business essentials. If you have to carry many files you can as use your travel bag as a big business case.

For your visit to the gym you can use your travel bag as a sportsbag with enough space for your sport suit, a towel and your shoes.

Alternatively you may also choose a leather backpack. The advantage of a leather backpack is the possibility to carry it comfortably with the two shoulder straps on your back.

But a weekender is easier to pack (s.a.) Also the straps of a backpack can be inconvenient if they are not used.

Functional and comfortable hand baggage

The weekender of Corf Bags leather bags should help to make travelling easier. Therefore they are not only easy to pack, but they can also be carried comfortably. All travel bags offer a high comfort. They have two handels and a shoulder strap which can be attached with two doghooks. The shoulder strap can be adjusted to your size. So as a woman or a man you can carry your weekender comfortably.

Weekender as shoulderbag
Weekender as shoulderbag

The shape and the look of a weekender changes according to the volume of things inside. The shape also changes if you carry the weekender by the two handels or the strap over your shoulder. You always make a sporty impression when using a weekender as companion instead of a suitcase.

If you use a weekender for a trip by air you will love the advantage offered by a leather travel bag. Usually a weekender is accepted as onboard luggage. It can be stored easily in the overhead compartment and saves time when checking in or checking out.

Please consider the maximum measures accepted as onboard luggage by the airlines:

  • Lufthansa 55 x 40 x 23 cm
  • Eurowings 55 x 40 x 23 cm
  • Air France 55 x 35 x 20 cm
  • British Airways 56 x 45 x 23 cm
  • Emirates 55 x 38 x 20 cm
  • RyanAir 55 x 40 x 20 cm
  • Easy Jet 56 x 45 x 25 cm

If you plan a bigger trip our travel bags are perfect for whatever does not fit into your trolley or suitcase. On your way to the station or the check in you can put your weekender on top of your trolley so that you can move easily.

After your trip you can fold your travel bag so that it needs much less space than a suitcase.

Order weekender online at Corf Bags

When designing a weekender we pay special attention to a low weight. By using top grade leather and zippers we don’t need additional reinforcements.

For the production of Corf weekender we only use top grade leather. Another very sporty looking travel bag is made out of canvas with leather. We do not use nylon or artificial leather for the production of our travel bags.

Weekender Lugano in embossed leather
Weekender Lugano in embossed leather

You can choose between the styles Golf and Lugano made out of slightly embossed leather and the weekender Ancona and Polo made out of a vegetable tanned leather. In brown this leather has a vintage look because there are darker and lighter shades. Many customers appreciate this leather because it looks very natural.

Weekender in vegetable tanned leather
Weekender in vegetable tanned leather

The weekender of Corf Bags leather bags are made out of top grade cow leather. With these travel bags you can be sure to make a good impression whereever you travel. The handels and corners of the Canvas bags are made of leather which increases the durability and enhances the sporty look.

The travelbag Lugano is also available in dark blue, a colour which is very much appreciated by women and men.

Top grade bags, warranty & service

Our customers love the careful workmanship, the quality of the leather and the elegant design of our leather travel bags. These factors guarantee that you can use our leather weekender for many years.

The leather can be easily treated with a top grade creme. Our service will also be available if you want your leather weekender to be refurbished. Please see also our leather bag guide for further tips for leather care.

If you order your new leather weekender online we deliver within two or three working days free house without any extra cost.