A leather bag should protect its content, be easy to carry, have a good look and last for many years.

The importance of the respective functions depends on the type of bag. So for business bags the inner features are most important, for other bags the look comes first.

Following pls find more details about the functions of a leather bag.

The hold function of a leather bag

A leather bag is a container which should hold certain items. For a business case such items may be a laptop and files, for a backpack documents or also your sportswear. A weekender is used for the clothes you need for a weekend or a short trip, and a shoulder bag for your personal items and a tablet. The content defines the type of the bag.

Interior of a travel bag
Interior of a travel bag

The protective function of a bag

A bag should not only serve to hold and carry its contents, but also to protect. The leather should protect against mechanical shocks which are quite dangerous when laptops or tablets are concerned. Such shocks often happen when a bag falls to the ground. Therefore some cases feature an additional shock protection.

Protection against water, heat or dirt

Besides mechanical damage also the influence of climate has to be considered. Most important are humidity or rain. If briefcases or bags have a flap this will protect the inside from rain. Laptop cases or backpacks without a flap today are available with zippers with a lip on each side. These lips cover the zipper when it is closed.

Drops of rain or other liquid substances may cause stains on the surface of a bag. For backpacks which are exposed to rain for a longer time an additional cover from nylon should be used which prevents water to get into any of the pockets.

Backpack with waterproof zippers
Backpack with waterproof zippers

Bags may also protect against high temperatures or sun exposure.

Theft and RFID-protection

The protection against theft is an important feature. Therefore briefcases or attache cases which contain important documents often feature number locks.

A bag should also protect its content in a way that nobody can see what you carry inside.

Cards in purses or wallets might get read with electronic devices by third parties. Most card cases therefore today have a socalled RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) protection which normally consists in a aluminium foil preventing that cards can be read.

The carrying function

Attache cases sometimes are used for the storage of documents, but usually bags are used to move a laptop, documents, clothes etc. from one place to another. Therefore it is relevant how they are carried.

This is even more important if the content of a business bag is heavy or it has to be carried a longer way.

Then you will want to choose whether to carry your bag with your hand or over your shoulder. Therefore some styles as shopping bags have long handles allowing to keep them in your hand or over your shoulder. Smaller handbags have a handle and a shoulder strap which allow to carry them in both ways.

Handbag Jill with handle and shoulder strap
Handbag Jill with handle and shoulder strap

Men used to carry their briefcases or attache with a handle. In the course of time also these styles were produced with a shoulder strap. Today the typical business case is a soft briefcase with zippers, two handles and a detachable shoulder strap.

Backpacks offer the best comfort because the weight of the bag is divided on both shoulders and you can keep your hands free. This is a great advantage if you use your bike. Due to the carrying comfort the backpack is the fastest growing style of a business case both for men and women.

By its shape and construction a handle should fit comfortably into your hand. Shoulder straps of business cases or weekender should be padded to reduce the pressure on the shoulder.

The organization function

The concept of a bag should help to make working more easy. For a shopper or a weekender the volume is important, and only one or two additional pockets are needed for a wallet or tickets.

But even in a small handbag there should be pockets inside which allow to organize the content. Ladies want to find their mobile, cards or cosmetics without having to search for a long time.

Most important are the inside compartments for business bags. In your office or on a business trip you want to have an easy and quick access to your tablet, documents or tickets. Modern business cases offer inside and outside pockets which allow to keep the content in a fixed order, so that every item can be found quickly. Such an order also helps to check that you don’t forget anything.

Business bag London
Business bag London

The compartments of a wallet help to separate different bills, and the pockets of a card case allow to control with one glance whether your cards are complete.

The look as an important function

A business case, weekender or wallet always will be important for the first impression you leave at a conference, on a trip or when paying in a shop.

The material is a decisive factor. A bag made from real leather is a sign of a demanding style.

For lady bags fashion is important. Bags should match with shoes or a dress. This can mean that the colour should be the same or have a contrasting effect. For festive events or an evening invitation the bag should have a decorative function. Such bags often have only a limited volume, and their flaps may feature embroideries or pieces of strass.

Evening clutch Liz
Evening clutch Liz

The look of a businessbag is characterised by top class locks and fittings.

The look of a bag in many cases decides about which bag to buy.

Function and sustainability

Functional bags will be used for a longer time than handbags which have been designed according to the latest fashion trends. Leather guarantees that a bag can be used for many years. Therefore the functional design of a leather bag is a condition for longevity and sustainability.

Functional elements of a bag

A bag is not just a container. It features many elements which are important for the way you want to use it.


Leather bags normally can be carried by one or two handles. These may be stitched or rivetted to the front and back side. They also may be attached with rings which allow to fold them away.

Weekender sometimes have a third handle on the gusset.

Small leather goods usually don’t have a handle.

Shoulder straps

In addition to handles business bags or weekender usually have a strap which allows to carry them on your shoulder.

Shopper or shoulder bags for ladies often feature longer handles which allow to carry the bag in the hand or over the shoulder, so that an additional strap is not needed.

Shoulder straps are important for bigger bags. A big advantage is that your hands are free when using the strap.

Business bag with shoulder strap
Business bag with shoulder strap

For handbags also fashionable small chaines may be used.

Locks and zippers

Leather bags are closed with locks or zippers. The type of lock depends on the design of the bag and the safety required. Locks can be closed with a key or using a number combination.

A lock marks the look of a bag. Often the locks are used to show the logo or name of the producer.

Handbag Scala with decorative lock
Handbag Scala with decorative lock

Bags with a flap normally feature locks. Shoulder bags without flap usually have one or two zippers. Zippers can be made from nylon or metal, and they can have one or two pullers.


Attache or cosmetic cases have a lid and a lower part which are connected with hinges. These hinges allow to open and close both parts. Instead of metal hinges also leather may be used.

Hinges of an attache
Hinges of an attache

In this case holders must be used to keep the lid in an upright position when the case is opened.

Bottom nails

The mechanical stress of the leather at the bottom of a bag can be reduced with nails or similar elements. They normally consist of metal or plastic in a colour matching the other fittings of the bag.

Bottom of a leather bag with protective nails
Bottom of a leather bag with protective nails

Lady bags often feature small pieces of leather or plastic.

Dog Hooks

Dog hooks are used to fasten shoulder belts. A dog hook has a spring which prevents that the hook will slip out unintentionally.

Shoulder belts are often fixed with dog hooks so that they can easily be removed if not needed.

Weekender with shoulder strap and dog hook
Weekender with shoulder strap and dog hook

The colour of a dog hook normally matches the colour of the other fittings.

If dog hooks are attached to the gusset of a bag they may leave marks when touching and scratching the leather. In the CORF collection shoulder straps are attached with a combination of loops and velcro so that scratches can be avoided.

Attachement of a shoulderstrap without dog hook
Attachement of a shoulderstrap without dog hook

Inside pockets

Inside pockets help to organize the content of a bag. They may be open or closed with a zip. The size of a pocket may be adapted to the content as for instance the measures of a tablet or a mobile.

Measure of electronic devices may vary. Therefore the gussets of inner pockets often are made of an elastic material which allows to adjust to different sizes of bottles.

Packing straps

Straps made out of leather are used to hold or separate the content of a bag as for example the shirts in a weekender or the cosmetics in a beauty case.

In a weekender it is important that the length of a strap can be adjusted. In wash bags or beauty cases straps are often made of a flexible webbing so that they can be used for different sizes of sprays or perfume bottles.