If you don't want to use the briefcase of your grandfather…


… you should see the Corf collection. Here you will find briefcases with the interiors you will need for activities of modern business life. For a long time the traditional briefcase wit a flap and one or two locks was the standard business bag. Also in the Corf collection there are still such briefcases and portfolios, but inside you will find compartments for notebooks and pockets for your phone, cards etc. and they can be carried comfortably with a strap over the shoulder.

Which size do you need?
The size of your notebook and the number of files you want to take along will be important for the size of the bag you need. In the Corf collection you find a range from slim tablet bags tailor made for a tablet or a 13 inch notebook to big business bags for a 15,6 laptop, files and a water bottle. Today these bags offer a lot of advantages compared to a traditional briefcase.

The inside compartments
The standard interior of traditional briefcases consisted of 1 - 3 compartments. In the course of time a pocket for a calculator was added, and later pockets for cards and pens. These are standards today, but most important is the compartment for the notebook. Today you will prefer a business case with zippers to a traditional briefcase because it allows a quick access to everything inside.

Shoulder- and messenger bags
The modern lifestyle has changed the look of business bags. A sporty look is regarded as expression of efficiency. Therefore many business men or women today prefer the comfort of a shoulder bag or messenger bag on their way to the office.

Business backpacks
Modern business people appreciate the comfort of a backpack which keeps your hands free and is perfect if you want to use a bike. The Corf backpacks offer all the features of a modern business bag, and they can be used also for a weekend trip.