Basically, business bags for ladies should fulfill the same functions as those of their male colleagues. While men today care more for the appearance of their bag the good look is still much more important for ladies. They rarely are satisfied with a briefcase in black or brown. Instead, they like to find a laptop bag which match the style and look of their clothes.

Prefered types of business bags are not only the traditional briefcases or notebook bags but also backpacks and shopper. One of the effects of digitalization is the possibility to store documents and notes on small tablets. While men may choose small shoulderbags instead of the former office bags women may buy a handbag if it has enough space inside.

Which features are important for a ladies’ business bag?

As for your male colleagues the size of your computer and documents are decisive for the choice of a notebook bag. But the material, cut, colour and decorative elements offer many possibilities to reach an attractive look. As a lady you may also use a big handbag or a shopping bag for your business.

Following please find the features which are important if your business bag should be not only functional but also fashionable:

Businessbags for ladies

For a first selection among the many styles of leather bags you will get an overview if you look online for a bag or notebook case. On the internet you will find all available types of business cases as well as shops in your neighborhood in which you can buy and enjoy looking for your favorite bag. This is the same with fashion brands as Guess, Tommy Hilfiger etc as also specialists as Corf-Bags which offer a special price-performance ratio.

Practical features

From many discussions we know the typical questions of a lady looking for a business bag.

  • What should fit into my bag?
  • Which interior is best for a clear arrangement?
  • How to find a functional business bag?

Size and weight

The dimensions of your notebook or tablet often decide on the bag you should buy. Please mind that normally you will find only the length of the diagonal of the screens. The ratio between length and width may vary from one supplier to another. Therefore, you must observe these dimensions. Following you will find some examples of laptops and tablets.

Typical Apple Laptops & Tablets in cm:

Macbook Air 13"30,41 x 21,24 x 1,66 cm
Macbook Pro 16"36,79 x 24,59 x 1,62 cm
Ipad Mini 7,9"20,32 x 13,48 x 0,61 cm
Ipad 10,2"25,06 x 17,41 x 0,75 cm
Ipad Air 10,9"24,75 x 17,85 x 0,61 cm
Ipad Pro 12,9"28,06 x 21,49 x 0,64 cm
Ipad Pro 11"24,76 x 17,85 x 0,59 cm

Typical Huawei Laptops & Tablets in cm:

Huawei MateBook X 13,9"33,8 x 28,6 x 1,76 cm
Huawei MateBook 14 14"35,8 x 28,6 x 1,76 cm
Huawei MatePad 12,6"28,6 x 18,4 x 0,67 cm

Typical Samsung Laptops & Tablets in cm:

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 13,3"35,4 x 22,7 x 1,19 cm
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 12,4"31,5 x 25,6 x 1,6 cm
Samsung Galaxy Tab a7 Lite 8,7"22,05 x 13,4 x 0,8 cm

Typical Lenovo Laptops & Tablets in cm:

ThinkPad L13 13,6"31,1 x 21,8 x 1,76 cm
ThinkPad L14 14"32,9 x 22,7x 1,79 cm
ThinkPad L15 15,6"36,6 x 25 x 2,1 cm

Please mind comparing with the inside and not the outside measures of the bag you want to buy.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.

For a file you will normally need a space of 38 x 30 cm inside your bag which also corresponds to the dimensions of a 15,6" laptop.

Your business bag should not be heavy. The weight will depend on the size, a bigger bag will be heavier than a smaller one. Therefore, you should look for a smaller bag if it has enough space and fits your size.

Normally you only need a slim shoulderbag for a tablet of 10" or 13" but you should check if there is also enough space for you documents.

You should also check whether there is enough room for your documents. Following you find a list of common sizes (DIN sizes). Normally a handbag manufacturer will consider these sizes.

DIN sizes in cm

DIN A084,1 cm x 118,9 cm
DIN A159,4 cm x 84,1 cm
DIN A242,0 cm x 59,4 cm
DIN A329,7 cm x 42,0 cm
DIN A4210 x 297 mm21,0 cm x 29,7 cm
DIN A5148 x 210 mm14,8 cm x 21,0 cm
DIN A6105 x 148 mm10,5 cm x 14,8 cm
DIN A774 x 105 mm7,4 cm x 10,5 cm
DIN A852 x 74 mm5,2 cm x 7,4 cm

Our tip: Take your notebook and important documents along if you go to buy a bag.

Inside and outside bags

Besides the dimensions of your notebook and documents you will have to consider whether you might need a scarf, a pullover or a pocket umbrella on your way to the office. According to the industry or trade in which you work there should be a compartment corresponding to the samples you need.

If you use a tablet and a few documents only your business case may be smaller and have fewer compartments. A smaller case will have less weight and it will be less tiring to carry it for a longer time.

The inside pockets should allow a good organization of the things you have to take along. Today the traditional briefcases with a flap are replaced by bags with zippers which are easy to open and close. Additional pockets should be on the front and the back for tickets or a newspaper. Inside small pockets allow to store your phone, pencils and cards and there is a zippered compartment for your purse.

On the back there should be a sleeve which can be used to fix the bag on your trolley when travelling.

An interior with many pockets facilitates the organization of your essentials but may leave less space in case you need a larger compartment for a bottle or a pullover.

Interior of business bag for ladies

Wearing comfort

The laptop bag was the model for the modern business bag. Traditional briefcases used to have a flap with locks and a handle. The standard laptop case instead has one or two main compartments with zippers and two handles which allow to distribute the weight in your hand. In the beginning men were reluctant to use such bags because the look of the handles resembled shopping bags and were regarded as feminine!

Business cases filled with a laptop and documents may be heavy. Therefore, they normally have a strap which allows to carry them over your shoulder.

Handles should be soft to adjust to your palm. Shoulder straps should be wide enough to avoid a point load and stress of your jacket.

The shoulder strap should be attached with dog hooks so that you can take it away if you don’t need it.

The use of backpacks as business cases is a new trend. They offer a maximum wearing comfort and you will have your hands free if you want to use a bike or a scooter.

Business bag with shoulder strap.


A business case will be used more frequently than a shoulder bag which you only carry with certain clothes or at special events. Therefore, the quality of the material and the possibility of care are important. In the course of time stains and traces of use cannot be avoided which have to be treated with proper care. Please make sure that your supplier on the internet or your shop offers this service.

For the bags of the CORF collection we are glad to offer any service you might require.

Design, material and colour

As a lady you must like the look of your bag.


Although your laptop and documents determine the dimensions of your business bag there are many possibilities to modify its look by pockets and other details. Rings, hooks and locks are also used as fashionable accents. Emblems are printed or attached in metal as information about the brand as well as an embellishment.

Fashion labels often use bags for the presentation of their logo.

Material and haptics

When touching your business bag you should enjoy a pleasant feeling. This is an important advantage of leather as a natural material. The finish allows to change the look of leather in many ways. Among the number of variations, you can choose between smooth leather and many prints.

The natural structure of a hide is an important feature of reptile hides, e.g. crocodiles, snakes or ostrich. The use of these hides for business bags is limited by the higher cost of labour and because most of these species are protected.

Business bags are also made from synthetic leather or nylon. The charisma of these bags cannot be compared with that of a leather bag.

Top class leather guarantees a pleasant haptic


Men normally buy a business bag in black or brown, but ladies often prefer more fashionable colours. The colour of their business bag should match their dress or their shoes. They may also choose glaring colours as yellow, red or blue. But if you want to use your laptop bag for a longer time you should select a less fashionable colour. If you change your dress more often a shoulder bag in a more discreet colour as black, brown or dark blue will be more convenient than a bag in yellow or green!


Do you have a preference for a certain brand? If you buy your clothes from a certain brand you may also like to have a business bag from the same collection. But mind that in business you will make a better impression with a discreet laptop case.

For fashion labels the look is most important. Therefore, you should check if the functional performance is sufficient.

Fashion trends

A handbag is a distinctive accent of your dress. If your laptop case should also be your favorite bag it should manifest professionalism as well as your good taste. But even if you want to follow the fashion trend you try not to use the same bag as your colleagues.

For bigger cases there is less choice than for smaller handbags. If you use a 10" tablet it will be easier to find a bag which corresponds to the actual fashion.

Actually there is a trend to use shopping bags for business which have enough space for a 13" tablet and documents.

Shopper as business bags for ladies

A choice following practical aspects is easy. But to combine trendiness and professionalism will be a challenge for your good taste!

Typical business bags for ladies

Following we want to describe the advantages of the most important types.

Laptop bags

Laptop bags are very popular because they are necessary to guarantee the mobility required in modern business life. With a top-class laptop bag you can complete your outfit and combine the chic of a shoulder bag with the functionality of a workbag. Ladies care for an elegant look and a size corresponding to their business essentials.

Typical business bag for a lady


If you can use a handbag for business you will have the biggest choice. If you use a 10" or 13" tablet and don’t need many documents you can choose between many styles, materials and colours.

The bag should have inner compartments with pockets for your purse, phone, tickets etc.

A handbag is the favorite of any lady, and you will love to use a shoulder bag as business bag if the size and inside organization is "ok".

Business handbag

Shopping bags

The use of shopping bags is convenient because they have enough space for a 15‘‘ laptop and documents. A shopper will have one or two pockets for your purse and documents, but you will not find the compartments for the organization of your files.

Shopper are all-round bags which you can use for business as well as shopping. They have two handles which are long enough to carry them over your shoulder.

The use of a shopper shows that you prefer functionality instead of an elegant look.


A clutch is a minimum solution. As the name says a clutch is a small bag which you carry in your hand. Instead of a handle it may have a loop. The size normally allows only to carry a 10" tablet and A5 documents. A clutch usually is closed with a flap or zipper.

With inside pockets for your phone, notes and a tablet also a clutch may be your mini office bag which you like to carry as your daily companion.

Travel bags and weekender

By their size travel bags and weekender are multi-purpose bags. If you need your laptop as well as documents, you will appreciate the big volume. There is enough space for a 17‘‘ laptop as well as big files. But there are no inside compartments for a better organization. Inside you will just find a zip pocket for your purse and a front pocket for your tickets or a newspaper.

The advantage of a travel bag is that on a business trip you may use it for your office items as well as a toilet kit and some clothes.

Travel bags can be carried comfortably by the two handles or a shoulder strap.

Business backpacks

A business backpack offers the best wearing comfort. By the two shoulder straps the weight of your backpack is equally distributed on both shoulders. This is very convenient in case you need to walk for a longer time or if you want to use your bike.

The interior of a business backpack corresponds to that of a laptop bag featuring compartments for a laptop, files etc and pockets for your phone, billfold etc.

Years ago a backpack was used for mountain sports and hiking. Nowadays politicians and stars of film and sports use a backpack and have changed its image. Today there are many fashionable models of backpacks. The use of a business backpack today is a sign of an efficiency-oriented and sporty attitude.

Sporty backpack as business bag for ladies

Tablet bags

Tablet bags may be used as mini business bags. The slim shape normally only has enough room for a 10‘‘ tablet and some daily essentials. Inside you may find pockets for your phone, purse and tickets but there is only little room for more or bigger items.

Due to the small size tablet bags have less weight and can be carried comfortably with a shoulder strap.

On a trip they also fit into a bigger business case or weekender.

Conference cases

Traditional conference bags are briefcases with a flap, one or two locks and a handle. They often were quite big and heavy because they had to have enough space for the many documents and big files needed before laptops were introduced.

Today your conference case only needs space for a notebook or a tablet and a few documents. Therefore, the volume is much smaller. The traditional style is often replaced by slim underarm pockets or zip cases. These styles are very functional and elegant, and ladies like to use them for their tablet and some papers if they attend a conference.

Conference cases as business bags for ladies

These are the bags our customers prefer

"The perfect" business bag for ladies does not exist. The daily business requires many features. Therefore, you find different styles of business bags for ladies. It is our pleasure to help you to choose.

Laptop bags as daily companions

Our laptop bags convince because

  • they are made from top grade leather,
  • have a practical interior,
  • can be carried comfortably by two handles or a shoulder strap and
  • guarantees your professional appearance!

In the Corf-Bags collection the “Laptop bag London” in brown, black or cognac is the bestseller in the category laptop bags for ladies.

A Handbag may be your choice, if

  • you only need a 10" or 13" tablet
  • your bag should mark your fashion preference,
  • you want to use it for other purposes, too and
  • you want to make sure that your bag is different from those of your colleagues.

For daily business our style "Madrid" is a favorite.

A Backpack is your best choice if

  • you want to carry your bag comfortably,
  • like to use your bike on the way to the office
  • you prefer practical functionality and
  • like to demonstrate your sporty attitude!

Our “elegant business backpack Via” is a special favorite as a business all-round bag.

A shopper is very functional as business bag for ladies, because

  • it has much room for a notebook and documents,
  • the big opening allows quick access,
  • it is easy to carry also over your shoulder,
  • and you may use it both for shopping and business.

Our multi-purpose bag is the “business shopper Bella”.

A travel bag may be your business bag, if you

  • often have to make a business trip,
  • want to use your bag both for business essential as for some clothes,
  • look for a bag with a big volume and
  • want to use your bag also for your holidays!

Your perfect companion for any trip is the carefully crafted “leather weekender Lugano”!