When seeking a business bag you have to consider which features you need. Your business case should be the work bag you want to use on your way to the office or your college. Today business bags are a combination of a laptop bag and a document case. Business bags are available in different materials, sizes and colours. Also the features may be different.

We want to help you to find your business bag.

Following you will find the most important questions of our customers concerning business cases and college bags made out of leather.

Business bags are also called "briefcase" or "daypack".

Why is leather the best material for a business bag?

Following you will find the reasons why a business bag made out of leather is the best choice for the transport and the protection of your notebook and other essentials.

1 Leather meets the criteria of sustainability

Leather is made out of cow hides. Hides are left overs of the meat production. By tanning the raw hides are transformed into a valuable material which can be used for a long time.

2 Leather is strong and durable

Hides of cows originally have a thickness of 3-4 mm of which only the upper 1.2 to 1.8 mm are finally used as leather for the production of business bags. Due to the homogenous structure of this part of the hide leather has a strong tearing resistance. Stitches or rivets cannot tear out as happens easily with artificial leather.

Another advantage is the elasticity of leather. A leather bag can stand upright and does not need an additional reinforcement to keep its shape. Therefore a leather bag is perfect for your daily business activities.

Besides cow hides also skins of buffalo are used for business bags. The strength of these hides is similar but the surface is very irregular. Therefore it cannot be used for top class document cases.

3 Leather care

Even after a longer time of use the good look of leather can be restored using top grade cremes. This is quite important because business cases often are used as a present for a final examination or a promotion, a present which you want to use as long as possible.

Many advertisements for used business bags at Ebay give proof of the longevity of business bags made out of leather.

4 Leather is a symbol of good taste

A business case made out of leather is a symbol of good taste. At first glance everybody can see if a bag is made out of leather.

After some time of use bags made out of vegetable tanned leather will have a patina that gives a unique look to your business case.

In order to convey a good impression at a conference or a presentation you should always use an elegant business bag made out of leather.

Business bags made out of leather will always leave a good impression and last for a long time.

A business bag for a lady or a man?

Today women take the same professional positions as men. Therefore they also need the same business bags as men. But women tend to use a smaller size and they prefer a lighter weight of a notebook. Important for both are small pockets to store a mobile, purse, pens etc. in an organized way.

Men usually prefer a business bag in black or brown colour. If men dress in a more traditional style they will carry a classic document case. If they are fashion oriented they may choose a business bag in cognac or blue. Also the profession is important. As member of an advertising agency a messenger bag or cross over will be a statement of a casual style.

Ladies will give more importance to the look of their business bag. A lady will enjoy going from shop to shop looking for a bag matching her dress or the colour of her shoes. You want to be chic when you go to a meeting. A leather business bag is a convenient way to distinguish yourself from your colleagues and to demonstrate that you have a good taste.

Tip: The use of a laptop cover may be convenient. In a slim laptop cover your notebook can fit into several bags. With a slim tablet cover even your evening bag can be used as business bag.

Which size to choose for your business bag?

The size of your business bag will depend on the dimensions of your notebook and files you want to carry along. Your business case should be a daypack holding everything you will need.

Your laptop must fit into the bag.

The size of your notebook normally is given in inch. One inch corresponds to 2,54 cm. In the following list you will find typical laptop sizes.

Laptop / Tablet (cm)Laptop / Tablet (Zoll)
25,40 cm10 inch
27,94 cm11 inch
30,48 cm12 inch
33,02 cm13 inch
35,56 cm14 inch
38,10 cm15 inch
40,64 cm16 inch
43,18 cm17 inch
45,72 cm18 inch
48,26 cm19 inch
50,80 cm20 inch

Tip: Check the dimensions of your laptop and compare them with the measures of your notebook case to be sure. Also consider what else you want to carry along.

College and work: files should slot into the bag.

Consider which files you have to take along. Sizes are standardized so planning is easier. Files normally have a DIN A4 size. The dimensions of a cover are 280 x 80 x 320 mm (L x W X H). There are also covers with a width of 40, 45 or 50 mm. DIN A5 files are less common.

Also consider the way you want to carry your bag. Zip bags with two handles allow to carry some more items if you leave the zip open.

The laptop must fit into your business bag.

Business trips: is your bag big enough for all things you need?

For business trips travel bags are very convenient. They carry not only some shirts, an extra pair of shoes and your toilet bag but also a tablet case.

Most airlines accept your travel bag on board. Following you find the dimensions accepted:

  • Lufthansa55 x 40 x 23 cm
  • Eurowings55 x 40 x 23 cm
  • Air France55 x 35 x 20 cm
  • British Airways56 x 45 x 23 cm
  • Emirates55 x 38 x 20 cm
  • RyanAir55 x 40 x 20 cm
  • Easy Jet56 x 45 x 25 cm

Dimensions are length by height by width and may be changed by the airline at any time.

Many business bags have a sleeve to fix them on a trolley

What interior should you look for?

When buying a business case you should pay attention to the interior. Compartments and pockets must help you to organize your business essentials in a convenient way. Therefore such a business bag should have one or two big compartments for your notebook and files and small pockets for your mobile, pens, etc.

The number of small pockets depends on the number of smaller items you want to store. Also there should be a zip bag on the front for your newspaper, and the zip bag on the backside should have a trolley sleeve. Some business cases have a separate notebook cover, so that you don’t have to carry your business bag if you attend a meeting.

Following a check list of the most important items you may carry in your business bag:

  • Notebook
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Purse
  • Keys
  • Files
  • Pens
  • Snacks.

Tips for parents and pupils: with their functional interior a laptop bag can also replace a normal schoolbag.

Which type of bag corresponds to your style?

As a woman or a man you give a statement not only with your dress, but also with your business case. We can roughly divide our customer target groups as follows:

  • The elegant type chooses a document case or underarm.
  • The sporty type prefers a messenger bag or a back pack.
  • The modern type buys the functional notebook case.
  • The fashion oriented buyer uses a shoulderbag in trendy colours.
  • The classic business man prefers a briefcase or an attaché case.

Your style is expression of your way of life. Also your job is important. In last years the difference between the preferences of women and men have become smaller.

Which colour to choose?

Black and brown are still standard colours, but also cognac and blue have become fashionable for men. Women also choose brighter colours as red, light blue, beige etc.

Following the most important business colours:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Cognac/Beige
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow.

Men prefer black or brown, because they want to buy a bag which they can use for a long time. Ladies choose brighter colour, because they may like to change their business bag more often.

According to the colour each bag may represent a different style.

A shoulder bag, a backpack or a classic laptop case?

Modern business life involves frequent changes of the place where you work. Therefore it is important that you can carry your business bag comfortably.

You can carry your business bag

  • with one or two handles , e.g. a laptop case,
  • with a sholulder strap, e.g. a messenger bag or cross over or
  • on your back with two straps as a backpack.

Many bags can be carried in different ways. So a modern laptop case can be carried either by the shoulderstrap or the two handles.

Nowadays business bags with two handles and a shoulderstrap have substituted traditional briefcases or attaché cases with one handle only. Newest trend is the use of a backpack also as a business case. This trend is also followed by women who like to buy a backpack in fashionable colours.

Which type of bag is suitable for you?

Following you find the top types chosen by our customers for business or college

  1. Laptop bags
  2. Leather backpacks
  3. Weekender for business trips
  4. Conference bags
  5. Briefcases
  6. Messenger bags
  7. Attaché cases.

There is no exact distinction between these terms. Today a briefcase generally has a compartment for a notebook, and a laptop bag is a business bag.

Laptop bags

The laptop bag is the modern type of a work bag in all business areas, whether as an office bag or a shoulder bag to use for your college. Business bags should be functional. They should not only carry your notebook and files but also help to organize whatever you need in your daily activities.

The introduction of notebooks has not only changed the way we work but also the look of a work bag. A decisive factor was the development of high quality zippers, a condition for the replacement of the traditional briefcase type with a flap and locks.

If you look for a laptop case you should pay attention to the size of your notebook. Therefore consider the chapter concerning measurements of notebooks above.

Notebook cases were developed as equipment for laptops and their equipment – cables, a second battery etc. Very soon they were also used to carry files and other essentials as mobile, pens etc. Due to the functional interior and the comfort of carrying the bag with two handles or a shoulder strap this type of bag dominates the market of business bags of today.

Laptop cases are available in many sizes and colours.

To choose your business bag you must know the size of your laptop and what additional space you need.

Men normally decide according to the function they need. Before the introduction of laptops the size and the number of files were important. This has changed because men also use to collect and keep their data on their notebook and prefer to reduce the files to a minimum. Men like to use 15.6 inch notebooks and therefore like to buy our cases London or Berlin. Men attach great importance to the inside compartments where they can store their mobile, pens etc.

Whatever job you have or wherever you work you will have to change the place where you work quite frequently, and business trips are normal. Therefore you may look for a business case with which you can carry your notebook and files in a comfortable way. They are easy to handle and you can move quickly from one room to another. If you need a trolley you can attach the bag with a sleeve to your trolley.

Laptop bags for ladies

Ladies don't want to miss their handbag even during their business activities. So previously they had no choice but had to use an addtional briefcase for their way to the office or a meeting. Ladies usually do not like to use a briefcase in addition for their personal essentials, and they don’t want to carry the same type of bag as their male colleages. A woman will always prefer a bag which looks similar to a handbag.

Bigger sized handbags as laptop bags for ladies.

In the Corf collection you will find your bag. There is e.g. the model , "Tosca" with a zip compartment and two big compartments for a 15 inch notebook and small pockets for all smaller items you want to carry: your mobile, purse, pens etc. and your cosmetics.

If you look for a slim laptop case we recommend our styles "Pisa" or "Paris". Both feature have two compartments for a tablet and file, and small pockets for your essentials. There are also zip pockets for your purse or jewelry. In the zip pocket on the back you find the sleeve to attach the bag to a trolley.

In the Corf collection we regularly present new styles with new functions following the trends of fashion. We know that colours are important for ladies and offer our styles in many shades matching the colour of your dress, for instance light blue, red or beige. With a mini tablet even a very small bag as our clutch, "Pia" might be used as a business bag.

The backpack – the sporty alternative

Mobility and sporty efficience have become important criteria for the design of business bags. Same as the use of a sneaker marks a transfer from a sport shoe to a "normal" shoe the business backpack represents the transfer of the features of a sportbag to a business case. Carrying a backpack is very comfortable and you also have your hands free so that you can use your bike or carry a second bag.

The business backpack allows to keep your hands free.

The shoulderstraps are important features of a backpack. They should have a cushion to lower the pressure on your shoulders. They must be adjustable to your size. In the Corf collection you can choose between various styles, for instance the small case "Via" for a 13 inch notebook or the bigger styles, "Montana" and "Aero" with enough space for a 15 inch notebook and files. But you can also use them for a shirt and an additional pair of shoes on a weekend trip.

For ladies smaller backpacks are available

Ladies today like to use a small backpack instead of a shoulder bag, because besides their notebook they can also store a sweater or a snack. For ladies our styles, "Stresa" and "Porta" are available in fashionable colours as red, dark and light blue and beige.

Due to the functional features a business backpack may be also used as college or school bag.


Travel bags are allround bags which are very useful for a short business trip. You can easily store the shirts, pullover etc as well as your toilet kit. Travel bags are accepted as carry-on luggage by most airlines so that you can avoid loosing time when you check in or out. Pls see above to compare the regulations of different airlines.

Weekender as exclusive travel companions

For a bigger trip a weekender is the ideal second piece of luggage which offers space for whatever does not fit into your trolley. And if you don’t need your weekender for business you can always use it for several kinds of weekend or holiday trips.

Conference cases

Conference cases are slim briefcases with one big compartment and some smaller pockets. They look very elegant and make sure that you impress your partners at any meeting. The small volume shows that you are well prepared and don’t need many documents.

Conference cases normally feature a flap which is closed with a magnetic lock – as our style "Wien" – or another kind of lock.

The most reduced style is the conference bag with zip such as our style "Prag". This article keeps wide during handling and offers a high comfort when you make use either of the notepad on one side or of the small pockets for your cards, pens and a slim tablet on the other side.

Conference cases are also called "underarms" according to the way they are carried. If you carry our bags that way you will enjoy the nice feeling of our leather.

Conference case or "underarm"


Briefcases are the most traditional business bags. With a briefcase you are sure to make a serious impression. You show that you are well prepared and have all necessary documents.

The traditional briefcase features a flap with a handle and a lock. In our briefcases "Milano" or "Toronto" you find one compartment for a 15 inch notebook and another one for files. There are small pockets for a mobile, cards, pens etc.

Traditional briefcase for a laptop and A4 files.

The development of locks was a condition for the development of the briefcase in the beginning of the 20th century. Previously briefcases where closed with straps and buckles.

In the course of time locks were developed with additional functions. Two- or three-step locks allowed to adjust the volume of the briefcase. Numberlocks were developed with a mechanism similar to a safe. The locks would open only when a certain number was dialed.

The locks are decisive elements of the function as well as of the look of a briefcase. For the Corf collection we therefore payed a lot of attention to the development of our locks. They are handcrafted out of pure brass and have a Palladium finish as protection so that they will keep their good look for a long time of use.

Our briefcases today also have detachable shoulderstraps so that you can choose how to carry them.

As manager or member of the board you will enjoy the prestigious look of our briefcases.

A more sporty version of a briefcase is our style "Boston". The two belts with buckles characterize the look of this bag.

Messenger bags

A very casual type of a business bag is the messenger bag. This style corresponds to the style messengers used to carry.

In the Corf collection there are the styles "Riga" and "Oslo" made out of vegetable leather or canvas combined with vegetable leather. Both have a big flap which is closed with magnetic buttons. Inside you find enough room for a 15 inch notebook, files and small pockets for your mobile, pens etc.

With the shoulderstrap a messengerbag is easy to carry also if you use your bike.

Attaché cases

If you like to impress with your business bag you should carry an attaché case.

Besides the extraordinary look the advantage of an attaché case is the protection the frame can give. Attaché cases of the Corf collection have an aluminium frame which is unbreakable and guarantees a lifelong protection against shocks and similar damage. With the numberlocks an attaché case is the safest version of a business case.

Our attaché case "Denver" is the traditional style of an attaché case. Our model "Dallas" features inside compartments similar to a laptop bag, so that you can organize your files standing upright. Thus the attaché can stand on the ground allowing easy access to your files or tablet.

Premium attaché cases as perfect protection

Business bags at factory prices – buy online!

Prices of leatherbags are lowest if the bags are sold online or in own shops. Thus the margin of third parties as retailers or department stores can be avoided, because they have to calculate and cover the cost of sales staff and rent. Therefore we can offer our business bag "Mac" for less than 100 Euro, and other styles as "Pisa", "Paris" and "Oxford" for less than 200 Euro, made out of top grade leather.

In our unit in Bergisch Gladbach we still produce premium briefcases and attaché cases at prices ranging from 298 to 1590 Euro.

You are invited to see our products in our shops in Düsseldorf and Bergisch Gladbach

The corf collection in our main shop on the Königsallee at Düsseldorf

Customer satisfaction is our goal. In case you should not be entirely satisfied with one of our products we will exchange the product or return your payment within a period of 30 days.

If you are not sure which product you can use as a gift we offer a gift certificate without any additional charge.

If you register for our newsletter we offer a discount of 15% on your next order.

Leather is our tradition since 1842.

We want that you are happy with our product.

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