The term "business bag" is used for briefcases, laptop cases, shoulder bags and under arms.

Conference case Milano

Looking for a business bag you will find a wide range of different bags and names. Some describe the content as for instance the document case or the laptop case. Others mention the use of the bag - e.g. the conference bag - or the way you will carry it as a shoulder bag. The use of the terms for work bags or office bags does not allow a clear distinction. Business bags of the Corf collection are made out of real leather.

The introduction of laptops has considerably changed the modern working conditions. In all branches it has become common to use your notebook to compile your data and to use it as your working instrument. Therefore even as a lawyer or accountant you don't need the big attache cases or pilot cases any more.

The design of business bags has changed. Still briefcases with a flap and a lock are the standard of a traditional business bag. Using top quality zippers such elements can be avoided. The shape of a modern business bag can be reduced to kind of a cover which according to the number of compartments is closed with one or two zippers. Normally business bags are bigger than hand bags. Therefore it is important to reduce the consumption of material in order to use less leather and to lower the weight. Design follows function is the important principal of our developments. Therefore all our business bag have a big main compartment and smaller pockets for all items you need in business life. Our work bags can be easily carried by short handles or a shoulder strap.

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