Leather backpacks

The leather backpack - your companion for business and leisure!

Recently leather backpacks have become very popular even as business bags. Using a backpack you may move freely, and the use of a backpack is a symbol of a sporty lifestyle. Some time ago a backpack would be used for going on a hike. During the last years many people discovered the functionality and versatility of a backpack which can be used for leisure but also for the daily business. The design of the Corf backpacks is as functional as it is stylish. They can be used as sport bag, travel bag and business bag.

Leather backpacks for ladies and men

For men the functionality of a backpack is most important. As a man you will look for a product with sufficient space. Ladies prefer smaller sizes which also look fashionable and chic. To replace their traditional briefcase men choose bigger backpacks with enough space for a laptop and compartments for documents, a newspaper and water bottle. Ladies prefer smaller sizes for a tablet and an interior with pockets for their personal things and cosmetics. As a man you will choose a backpack in black, brown or cognac. Whether you wear jeans or a suit - our leather backpacks is a fit for every outfit. As a lady you may choose a fashionable backpack to replace your traditional handbag. You can use our City back packs on your way to the office as well as for a stroll in the city. You will look for a backpack which is different from the bags of your colleagues. In the Corf collection there is a variety of colours from beige to blue and red. Our handsomely designed backpacks fit your dress and can be carried on many occasions, as for instance the styles Porta or Stresa.

Leather backpack Aero
Ladies‘ backpack Porta

Men and women like the comfort when carrying a backpack with the padded shoulder straps. If you work at home you know the weight of a business bag filled with your laptop and documents, and you will enjoy the comfort when you can carry the bag on your back. You have your hands free if you want to do some shopping on your way home. The backpack is perfect if you want to use a bike. For a short distance you may also carry it with the small handle or with one strap only on your shoulder.