Leather bags can be used many years. Therefore you should consider how to protect and clean the surface when you buy the bag.

Smooth leather can be treated with beeswax which should be applied with a sponge or a cloth. Afterwards the leather has to be polished carefully.

By refreshening the original look of the leather can be restored.

You can save the good look of you leather bag either

  • by protecting the surface with a spray or
  • by cleaning and treating it with top class leather care,

and you can also try to change the colour of your bag.

How to clean your leather bag

From time to time you can clean your bag with a moistered cloth. But you should not use much water and any moister should be wiped away in order to avoid stains. If you use a cleansing creme be sure that it does not dissolve the paint of the bag. Therefore you should make a test at the bottom of your bag or at a point where any change of colour remains less visible.


Don’t wash your leather bag because the leather might shrink or loose its nice touch afterwards.

How to restitute the colour?

Same as with shoes or furniture you cannot avoid signs of use if you have carried your bag for a long time. But similarly as you treat your shoes you can also use a top quality creme or spray to cover scratches and signs of use. Afterwards you have to polish your bag carefully in order to avoid that the dye comes off and leaves a stain on your shirt.

Can you change the colour of your bag?

If you want to change the colour of your bag you have to proceed very carefully. Please mind to cover the stitching, rivets etc. which should keep their original colour.

Before applying the colour the leather must be cleaned. Afterwards the colour should have enough time to dry and then you have to polish it carefully.

Changing the colour of your bag needs some experience. Before you start you might ask your shoemaker for his advice.