The history of Corf leather bags starts with the foundation of a tannery in 1842. The expertise in the production and the use of leather has been passed on over generations, and even today it is the base of our competence in the manufacturing of high-quality leathergoods. As a result of our expertise our products offer an outstanding quality and a very convenient price-performance ratio. Holding an own tannery was an important factor for our competitive prices.

Today the connection between production and distribution is decisive for our low prices. Corf bags leather bags or sold only through the Internet, our shop in Düsseldorf and the factory shop close to the production. That way customers buy directly from production.

Therefore, the prices don’t include any cost for rent or staff which usually amount to a substantial part of the price of a leather bag.

Our customers often describe Corf bags as a "bags outlet", because we offer a top quality at very convenient prices and continuously present special offers online.

In our online leather shop as in our stores you buy top class leather bags at outlet price. You can be sure that all items are sold at prices which are not lower anywhere. At the end of each season we offer discounts so that you may buy at even more reduced prices.

Leather bag prices since 1900

In the course of time the influence of the price factors have changed. Up to 1960 the price of the leather was most important for the price of a business case or a shoulder bag. In the following years the cost of labour grew continuously because the percentage of manual labour of the leather bags production remained very high. Therefore the production was moved to countries as Italy or Spain and later to South America and Asia. This transfer was accelerated by the development of free trade and freight facilities.

During the last 20 years the cost of distribution went up continuously. Rising shop rents and the increase of wages lead to a steady increase of the retail margin.

As a consequence retail shops were started by manufacturers, and the price development favoured the opening of outlets and webshops.

If a manufacturer distributes his products through retailers he has to include their margin in the recommended market price and cannot pass his cost advantages to the consumer.

Therefore we decided to distribute our products only through our webshop and two stores, our own shop at the Königsallee in Düsseldorf and the factory shop in Bergisch Gladbach. It is our pleasure to invite you to compare our prices which today are about 30% lower than those offered previously. Due to our high quality standard and the very favourable prices our Corf leather bags are in a leading market position today.

Corf store at Düsseldorf
Corf store at Düsseldorf

The production of Corf bags

A decisive factor of the price of a bag are the costs of production. For the leather bags and briefcases of Corf Bags the quality comes first. The single steps of production have been done in a way that the criteria of durability and functionality of a product are observed. This starts with the cutting of the leather: the craftsman has to check the quality of the skin and decide how to cut the components in a way to avoid defects and how to make best use of the skin. In several further steps the mounting of the cut components and lining elements is prepared so that the shape of the bag will be correct. Learn more about the production of leather bags in our leather bags guide.

Cutting of the components of a briefcase
Cutting of the components of a briefcase

Still today most of the production is done by hand. Therefore, the skill and the experience of our craftsmen decide about the quality of our products. This is the same for our bags produced in Germany as those produced by our international partners.

Sustainable production of leather and leather bags

The quality of leather depends on the quality of the skins which again is influenced very much by the living conditions of the cattle. The sustainable and environment-friendly animal husbandry decides about the defect free and even structure of the hide, a property which is very important for us.

If a customer touches a leather bag of Corf Bags he looks for the pleasant, warm feeling which shows that the bag is made of a natural material and not from artificial leather or nylon. The leather is softened with the use of grease and mechanical treatments. The look of the skin can be made more uniform by embossing. The print should be similar to the natural look of the skin as for instance shown by our Titan leather.

Our lady bags are available in many colours so that they can match the dresses of our customers. We use anilin colours which are transparent so that you can see the look and the natural beauty of the skin.

During the further production we pay attention to make best use oft he leather. Already when designing the bag we try to optimize the patterns in order to reduce the waste smaller pieces left over are used for the production of purses and small leather goods.

Top leather quality as maxime

Leather is one of the oldest materials used by men. For Corf Bags leather bags skins of cows and calves are used which are left over from the meat production. By tanning these skins are transformed into a high-class material which has been used to make shoes, clothes and bags since the beginning of civilization.

Originally for tanning only vegetable agents were used which were available in the neighborhood, such as the bork of oak trees. Since the beginning in the 20th century mineral and chemical agents are used which allow to accelerate the tanning process.

Tanning agents and mechanical procedures determine the characteristics of the finished leather. Top grade skins can be finished with anilin colours so that the natural look of the skin remains visible. If the structure of the skin is more irregular pigment colours are used which same as prints can cover the defects. Our business bags, shoulder bags and bag packs are available in many colours.

Lady backpacks
Lady backpacks

For our laptop cases and business back packs are also made from a vegetable tanned leather with an anilin finish. Due to the differences in the structure the colour enters more or less deep into the skin. The result is a slihgtly changing look between darker and lighter parts. In the course of time these skins show a vintage look which is very popular.

Quality means attention to detail

Many steps of the production of our leather bags are still done manually. We want to deliver a top quality and see that all work steps are done with great care.

We carefully select the fittings and locks used for our leather bags and notebook cases. Perfect function is a must, but we also pay much attention to the finish and the design which characterizes the look of a leather bag.

The locks for our business cases and lady bags are produced by a small manufacturer in Italy which is specialized in a top quality production of small series. All locks are produced exclusively for us. The elements of the locks are handcrafted out of pure brass and assembled with great care. The locks have a mechanism like a safe which allows to open and close the lock by turning a knob.

Attache case with numberlock
Attache case with numberlock

Another important feature of our fittings is the finish with Palladium. This finish is a top abraison protection and guarantees a long lasting good look.

Lock of a lady bag with the logo of Corf
Lock of a lady bag with the logo of Corf

Locks and fittings are important features of the look of our bags. Their design imitates the shape of our logo and they show the two knives of a tanner, the symbol of our history and of our brand.

Function & excellent design

With the design of our bags and cases we try to find a perfect symbiosis of function and classic design.

Our collection is focused on bags for daily business, either as notebook cases, backpacks or attache cases. The size of notebooks and files determine the layout of a case (mostly in inch or according to DIN-norms). Inside there are compartments which allow a quick access to a mobile, pens and cards. Handles and shoulder straps allow comfortable carrying which is especially important if you buy a business case. On the backside there must be a sleeve to attach the bag to a trolley.

The design and layout of our business bags should always help to facilitate your work.

For the design of lady bags we follow the trends of fashion. Sizes and trends for bigger or smaller bags may change. Also the way the bags are carried changes, if ladies prefer a clutch or a shoulder bag. Colours are very important. In the Corf collection you will find classic colours as red, blue, beige as well as brown and black. But we always prefer a classic design so that you can use our bag in a second and third season, too.

Also our lady bags feature functional interiors which allow a quick access to your essentials.

Inspite of our low prices the quality and the good design of our bags will always have priority!

Order leather bags online directly from the manufacturer

Corf today stands for a perfect symbiosis of function and classic design at prices only a manufacturer can offer in an online shop. As a customer you buy at prices only an outlet store might offer.

We know which factors determine the durability and the good look of our materials. Over decades we have learnt to produce high-quality business cases, lady bags and accessories from leather.

A Corf bag will be your companion for many years. Even after our two years' warranty our service will be happy to help if you want your bag to be refurbished.