Mostly cases leather bags can be repaired. Different techniques are used according to the kind of the damageg part.

In the tradition of our family, we produce leather and leather goods since 1842. With our guide we want to inform about essentials of the repair of leather goods.

Faults of the material of leather bags

If properly used faults of the material of leather bags are very rare. For bags leather is used in different strengths. For weekender or business bags leather is used in a thickness of 1,4 to 1,6 mm, shoulderbags 1 to 1,4mm and small leathergoods and accessories 0,6 to 0,9 mm. The thickness of the leather depends on the workload when the bag is used. Therefore, damages of the material can be almost excluded if the bag is properly used.

In the course of time signs of use may appear on the surface, especially at the corners and the bottom of a bag. Such traces only affect the look of the bag and can be eliminated with proper care.

After a long time of daily use, the leather of a businesscase may be torn at the corners. A repair of such a damage is difficult because a reinforcement may come off. In case of a handle an exchange is the best and easiest solution.

Repair of stitching and rivets

Damages of leather bags often happen at points where main and side parts of a bag are stitched together. If a stitching turns loose this can be recognised easily and it can be strengthened by renewing the stitching or an additional reinforcement with a rivet.

The load of a business case concentrates at points where handels or shoulderstraps are fixed. Therefore, the leather may be torn if it is not reinforced by a webbing or another piece of leather.

Rivets may come off if not fixed with proper pressure. They should be exchanged before the surrounding stitching turns loose.

Repair of locks and metal fittings

A tipical defect of locks happens when the springs of hasps lose their strength. Defects of the lock mechanism are less often.

Today number locks are used for business and attache cases. If such a lock cannot be opened in most cases this is due to improper handling or an unintentional change of the numbers.

Also, the surface of a lock may show signs of use in the course of time. Therefor the locks of the Corf collection have a coating with Palladium which guarantees best possible protection.

Normally locks and other metal parts as for instance dog hooks are not repaired but exchanged. So when a bag is designed it is convenient to consider an eventual exchange of the fittings without opening the lining.

Repair of zippers

The malfunction of a zipper may be due to an increase of the opening of the slider, if it does not apply enough pressure to close the teeth or small hooks. In this case a repair is easy because you only need to close the opening a little bit with pliers.

A repair is difficult if the webbing of the zipper is torn. In this case the zipper must be exchanged. This can be done only by opening the stitching on both sides, fixing the new zipper, and renewing the stitching which may be difficult because the existing holes must be used. Due to the time involved the exchange of a zipper may not be worthwhile if a bag is very old.

Repair of the lining

Faults of the lining may be due to a torn stitching or an inner compartment coming off. A repair often depends on the possibility to take out the whole lining like an inside bag.

Repair of frames

Broken frames of an attache or a cosmetic box can only be repaired if the case is dissembled and the frame exchanged. This takes a lot of time and may not be worthwhile.

For the attache cases of the Corf collection aluminium frames are used which cannot break and which can be straightened in case they have been bent.

Repairs as contribution to sustainability.

When leatherbags are used for a longer time signs of use cannot be avoided. Such traces or scratches can be treated with creams so that the bagwill look good again.

Repairs may need the skill of a craftsman who should have experience with the production of your bag.

Our service will be at your disposition if you want to have your bag refurbished or a repair to be done. If you send a picture, we may give some advice by phone or mail.

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