Wherever you want to spend your weekend, the weekender made out of leather is your ideal companion for a spontaneous decision! A leather travel bag can be used for many occasions - an excursion at the weekend as well as for a quick business trip. If you cannot trust the weather forecast - your weekender has enough room for a rain coat. Travel bags are bigger than normal bags, shopper or shoulder bags, and they are symbol of a relaxed sporty stile. Weekenders are also called duffle bags. The origin of this name is a small place in Belgium where a strong cloth was produced and used for travel bags. These bags were holdalls closed with a strap because at that time zippers were not yet invented. Leather travel bags at that time used to be closed with maul bows and were very heavy.

The production of the soft and light weight modern travel bags started when zippers could be used. Weekenders are big shoulder bags with enough room for a trip. As a travel bag they are also very convenient if you want to start your holiday trip immediately from your office.

Our weekenders are produced with great care, and we guarantee a top quality and a long time of use. If you order online we deliver your bag within three working days.