Holidays means no daily business. You decide about what you will do during the day, and you can concentrate on your hobbies. You are free to travel to the mountains or to the sea. Maybe you can leave your laptop, but you have to carry along at least some items.

For a stroll on the beach

In the Corf collection you find the small cross over 'Oliva' for your documents, purse and cosmetics. If you want to take along also your camera and a shawl you should choose the shoulderbag 'Malaga'. Both are available in summer colours beige, light blue and red.

If you like walking and climbing in the mountains

we recommend the shoulder bags 'Basel' or 'Bern' for your documents, a map, your purse and your handy. In the cross over Basel you will also find some space for a water bottle and a snack. Both bag are produced in a very durable vegetably tanned leather.

For a longer journey or excursion by bike

a Corf backpack is your best companion. A pair of shoes, a jacket, your camera,a water bottle etc. easily fit inside and you will enjoy the comfort when you carry all these items in a backpack on your shoulders. Corf backpacks may be used both for your holidays as well as your professional activities.

If you travel by train or by bike

you should use a travelbag. These bags have a lot of space for your clothes and shoes - for everything you will need on a short trip to the mountains or the seaside. They have a wide opening so that they can be packed and unpacked very easily. You find zip pockets for your documents and your billfold. If you travel by air you can take them on board, and you can comfortably carry them be the two handles or a shoulder strap.