The beauty of leather

Leather is as a very precious material. Generally a briefcase or a handbag made out of real leather will be regarded as more valuable than a bag made out of artificial leather or nylon. Only carefully selected hides with an even surface are used for the Corf collection. The use of transparent anilin colours allows to see the natural structure of the skin. See for instance the briefcase 'Genf' or the handbag 'Como'.

This effect is even stronger if the leather is tanned with vegetable materials. The colours will penetrate more or less deep into the structure of the hide. The result is a pattern of darker and lighter shades which you will like if you look for the natural character of the leather. See for instance the briefcases 'Boston' or 'Oxford'.

If more pigment colours are used the colours will be more even.

By embossing the surface and the picture of the leather can be modified. Small grains result in a more elegant, bigger grains in a more sporty look.

The feeling

You will enjoy the soft and warm feeling if you touch a Corf bag. This is a big advantage if you compare a leather bag with a bag made out of nylon or artificial leather.Therefore you will always prefer your wallet to be made out of real leather because you keep it in your hand every day.


Durability and care

You want use to your businessbag for a long time and almost every day. Due to the natural strength of the leather a Corf bag does not need reinforcements by foam or cardboard to keep in shape. Also you don't have to fear that handles or shoulderbelts will tear out.

The beauty of a leatherbag can be easily protected if you polish the surface with a colourless wax or a moistered cloth from time to time.