Leather bags repair service

The quality of the bags and bag packs of Corf Bags is extremely high. The top grade leather and the careful craftmanship guaranty a long time of use. During and also after the warranty period our service will be at your disposition for repairs or the removal of signs of use.

This is how to reach our service

Read more about the following subjects and the repair of leather bags from Corf Bags:

Always 2 years warranty on Corf Bags products

If your leather bag shows any fault within two years after the date of purchase, we will offer a repair or in case a repair is not possible a replacement free of charge provided the bag has been properly used.

Send us a picture oft he bag together with the proof of purchase, and then we will send a note for a free return by DHL.

Repairs after the warranty period

Due to the outstanding quality of the leather and the careful craftsmanship all leather bags from Corf Bags – weekender, bagpacks, handbags and accessories – have a life time which is much longer than the regular warranty time.

Especially a business bag may be used for many years if it reminds the owner of a special occasion when he received it as a gift or of successful business meetings.

Similar to shoes after a longer and eventual daily use traces cannot be avoided. These can be removed with a top grade bea wax. Unlike artificial leather or fabrics the surface of a business bag or a weekender made of vegetable tanned leather will develop a patina and a look which is appreciated by many customers.

After many years of use a rivet may come off or locks may no longer work properly.

Even after the warranty period the repair service of Corf Bags will be at your disposition.

Please send us a picture, we will be glad to give our advise and an indication of eventual cost of repair. You will find our contact here.

Repairs as a contribution to sustainability

The long-lasting usability of Corf-Bags products is an important part of our contribution to sustainability. We want to make sure that you can enjoy Corf bags for many years. Our repair service is an important factor of this policy. Read more about the sustainable production of leather bags.

Typical defects of leather bags.

Damages of leather bags depend on their size and the way how they are used. Following we have listed typical problems of business bags.

Damages from travelling by air or railroad

Damages of top class leather bags can be excluded if they are handled with proper care.

The possibility of a damage will also depend on whether you carry your weekender or business case by yourself or whether they are put on a conveyer at the airport or the railway station. Moving along a conveyer the surface of a leatherbag can be scratched. Also the straps of a leatherbag might be torn.

If you check in your weekender or business case by plane or railroad you must control upon arrival whether there are damages by improper care for which the transport company is responsible.

Damages of the content.

Weekender and bagpacks have a soft shape . Unlike molded luggage they are more resistent against shocks which occur when a weekender falls to the ground or is thrown on a conveyer. But the content might be damaged. If your leather bag contains items which might easily be damaged you should control upon arrival.

Such damages are not covered by our warranty.

Damages of business bags, handbags and accessories improperly used

In rare cases the stitching of business cases or backpacks may open or a rivet may come off.

Such problems may arrive if bags or compartments are overloaded. If you put to many documents or folders in a briefcase so that the bag can be closed only using a lot of power the upper parts of the locks might loosen. Also the stitching inside a bag can open if you try to put an item inside which is too big.

The size of slots of purses and credit card cases corresponds to the width of one card. If you use them for two or three the stitching will be stretched to much and may open.

Such improper use is not covered by the Corf Bags warranty.

Also we cannot be reponsible for stains by colours or acids on the surface of leather bags. To deal with such stains see also "Leather bags how to wash, clean and care" in our Leather Bag Guide.

You should be satisfied with the quality of our products and our service! We are at your disposition for any question you might have.