Shopper Bags for ladies

Shopper are perfect all-round bags. The use for shopping is still most important, but today they also fulfill many different functions. They must be easy to handle, but with many styles you can add a fashionable touch to your outfit.

Generally a shopper is bought by a woman. Inspite of the practical features they are not often used by men.

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4 Items

Multi-function and big capacity

The big space is very convenient if you have to buy bread and milk as well if you visit a fashion boutique. Therefore a shopper does not have inside compartments as a laptop bag. It is important that they offer much room. Basic features should be a zip pocket inside for your purse and a front pocket for your shopping list or your parking ticket.

Typical for a shopper are two long handles which allow to carry the bag comfortably over your shoulder. Often buckles allow to adjust the length according to your size.

If you use a leather shopper you show that you care for the environment and sustainability because you can use it for a long time and you don’t need plastic bags.

Shopper as workbag for a lady

A shopper is very convenient as a business bag on your way to the office. There is enough room for your tablet or notebook and documents as well as a scarf and a snack for your lunch. The possibility to use a shopper as business bag has also changed the interior. Today there are shopper with inside compartments for a tablet and documents, and small pockets for your phone, tickets etc. But a shopper must have one or two compartments which are large enough for things you want to buy on your way.

Shopper as travel bag

When you travel a shopper is the perfect bag for your notebook, a magazine, tickets, a pocket umbrella and a sweater. Also a shopper fits easily into the overhead compartment of a plane.

By its size a shopper characterizes your look. If you use your shopper for business you will always impress with a leather bag. In your office or on a business trip a shopper in a clean, straight design will perfectly complete your dress. A bag in dark blue, black or dark red can easily be combined with your outfit. We recommend our bags Jil or Bella!

For your daily shopping you should choose our style Palma. This bag is available in top-grade leather and nine different colours – for example in blue, red, brown and cognac.

A very practical shopper is our model Tina made in a combination of leather and canvas. This shopper can be used for shopping as well as for business.

Today a further option is the use of a backpack as business bag. In the collection of Corf Bags you can choose among many styles.