Factory shop Bergisch Gladbach

You will find our shop for leather bags, backpacks, travelbags and accessories at Sattlerweg 24 in Bergisch Gladbach. We are open monday to friday 10 to 18 h.


The address of our shop is

Sattlerweg 24
51429 Bergisch Gladbach
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Opening hours

Monday from 10h am to 6h pm
Tuesday from 10h am to 6h pm
Wednesday from 10h am to 6h pm
Thursday from 10h am to 6h pm
Friday from 10h am to 6h pm
Saturday closed
Sunday closed


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Telefon: 02204 / 95 40 0
E-Mail: corf@corf-bags.com
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From the tannery of 1842 to our factory shop

Bergisch Gladbach is the headquarter of our company and the home of Corf Bags till today.

Inside of the factory shop
Inside of the factory shop

In Bensberg the history of our company started as a tannery. 1923 a small production and a shop were opened in Cologne. In the first years the shop sold only bags and cases made in the adjacent atelier. Due to the quick development of the business more space was needed for the production which in 1928 was transferred into a new hall built next to the tannery in Bensberg. Till about 1960 all bags were made out of the leather produced by the own tannery.

Due to the internationalization of production and growing competition part of the production was transferred first to Brazil and later to India.

Part of the space in Bensberg is still needed for the production, but we have used about 400 m2 to create a shop. Here you can find the complete Corf collection and test our products in all available colours and sizes. Also you will always find new styles or special prices for discontinued items.

Besides the small production which remained in Bergisch Gladbach you will also find our service which will be happy to help in case your bag needs a repair or you want the colour to be refreshed.

Our factory shop is situated next to the A4 and can be reached from the Sattlerweg as well as the Friedrich-Offermann-Straße. In front of the shop there is always sufficient parking space.