Flagship store in Düsseldorf on the Königsallee

You will find our bag store for leather bags, backpacks and travel bags on the Königsallee in Düsseldorf. We would like to welcome you daily between 10h am and 19h pm.


You will find our store at the following address

Königsallee 60
Inside of the KÖ-Galerie
40212 Düsseldorf
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Opening hours

Our store in Düsseldorf is open on every working day

Monday: 10h am – 19h pm
Tuesday: 10h am – 19h pm
Wednesday: 10h am – 19h pm
Thursday: 10h am – 19h pm
Friday: 10h am – 19h pm
Saturday: 10h am – 19h pm
Sunday: closed


Düsseldorf as center for business, fashion, arts and design

Düsseldorf is not only the capital of North Rhine Westphalia but also a very important commercial and cultural center for the surrounding region. There are many exhibitions and fashion events which are attended by international visitors. Therefore Düsseldorf is the ideal place for a flagship store. The Königsallee is situated in the heart of Düsseldorf, where you will find shops of all major fashion brands. Our flagship store is located in the KÖ-Galerie which you will find in the center of the Königsallee.

Street view of the KÖ-Galerie
Street view of the KÖ-Galerie

The interior of the gallery corresponds to the high standard of the stores inside.

Inside the KÖ-Galerie
Inside the KÖ-Galerie

The wide front and the functional interior allow a perfect presentation of all styles of our Corf collection. Here you find all colours and variations, and our staff will be happy to assist and answer all questions you might have.

Front of Corf by Offermann
Front of Corf by Offermann

If you look for a place for your car there is a parking lot below the gallery which has an access from the Grünstraße. Our store is located in front of the northern exit of the parking.