As manufacturer we guarantee that we will either repair or – if a repair is not possible –exchange any product showing defects within a period of two years after the date of purchase, provided the damage is caused by normal wear and tear. But even after the two years‘ time our service will be at your disposition.

Following we want to inform about

  • Your right to return
  • Our warranty concerning
    • function
    • quality and
    • service

Our customers comment Corf -Bags leather bags as follows

4 weeks right to return

In addition to our warranty you have the right to return a leather bag within 30 days after the date of purchase. Mentioning a reason is not required, but of course you would help us to improve our products if you inform why you return a bag.

The return is free of charge, please use the return slip added to our shipment.

Warranty of function

With this warranty we guarantee that all information concerning our products – business cases, weekender, card cases etc – are correct. This is valid for the measures as well as the description of the interior or the material.

Business backpack Aero
Business backpack Aero

This information is especially important if you look for a business bag for your notebook or a tablet.

Warranty of quality

This warranty concerns the quality of the material as well as the workmanship of all products of the CORF collection.

Quality of the material

In our family the experience with leather goes back to the year of 1842. This experience is the basis for the quality of the leather used for our products.

Lock and fittings made of pure brass
Lock and fittings made of pure brass

Therefore, our coat of arms shows the knives tanners used to prepare the hides for tanning.

Also, we choose very carefully the locks and other metal parts used for our product. We are one of the few producers which use locks cut out of pure brass and finished with palladium for our business and attache cases.

If you buy a leather bag of the CORF collection you can be sure that you can use it for many years.

Quality of workmanship

For more than 100 years we produce lady bags, business cases and leather weekenders. The careful craftsmanship is the basis for the durability and longevity of our products. By experience we know which parts of a bag have to be reinforced. Therefore, the strength of our handles is increased with inlays, and brackets or holders are not only stitched but also reinforced with rivets.


Quality of design

For leather business bags and leather weekender function is essential. We carefully observe the development of consumer behaviour and the changes of purpose for which bags are used.

So, the development of tablets was a reason to adjust the size of our business bags and their interior.

Sports today have a great influence on the behaviour. Therefore, backpacks have become the fastest growing section in business bags and an alternative to traditional briefcases. Today you will find a big range of backpacks both for business activities as for leisure by Corf Bags.

The design of our lady bags follows the trends of fashion, but we always create our bags so that they may be used in a second or third season.

Classical shoulderbag
Classical shoulderbag

Service warranty

When developing our leather bags, we plan that they will be used for many years, and the time of use will exceed the 2 years of warranty. After a longer time, signs of use cannot be excluded. The colour might need to be refreshed or a fitting has to be exchanged.

Our service will always be pleased to help to resolve any problem you might have.

Best price warranty

All products by Corf Bags are sold at very reasonable prices. They are only distributed through our webshop and our own shops. Therefore, we can guarantee that you always get the best price, and our leather bags cannot be bought at lower prices anywhere.

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